High voltage power

High voltage power lines

"We chose Aggreko due to their ability to adapt their equipment to our voltage frequency and PF control applications, as well as providing power in both grid and island mode."

Santiaho Pierro Director ,
Energia Argentina S.A.

Safe, reliable high voltage power, no matter how high the voltage

Working with high-voltage power equipment is an exact science – there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why we make sure our high voltage power technicians are the best-trained people for the job.

What high voltage power can we supply?

From providing 5 MW HV power hire for testing newly manufactured products, to 100 MW temporary power for local grids, we have the experience to install high voltage power equipment quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

And because we can develop and build high-voltage power equipment to our own specifications, we can match it to the needs of your site. What’s more, our wide range of transformers, switchgear, distribution boards and circuit breakers is all accredited, so you can be sure it meets the highest safety standards. 

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High voltage power equipment for blackouts, brownouts and backups

Power is something you don’t really notice until it’s gone. And then it can be catastrophic. That's where high voltage power supply from Aggreko could be a solution,

Whether a natural disaster takes down a local grid, or your onsite power plant fails, we’ll get to work right away. Our specialist teams will install temporary, high voltage power equipment to meet the shortfall until you’re back on your feet.

Need backup high voltage generators or equipment?  We can help. We can also step in with ready-to-go HV power during scheduled maintenance – giving you a cost-effective backup that keeps things in motion. 


We'll test your critical high voltage power systems before you flick the switch

The last thing you need with a new HV power installation is for it to blow the moment you switch it on. That’s why it’s crucial to stress test before full operation. We can help you with:

  • Load testing high voltage systems
  • High-voltage power for testing and commissioning generators, turbines and high-voltage equipment
  • Backup power during commissioning
  • Rotary uninterrupted power supply (UPS) tests
  • Customer acceptance tests of high-voltage equipment

Additional high voltage power for testing new products

Whilst your site may supply enough grid power for day-to-day operations, at times you may need a little (or lot) extra. When you’re testing or commissioning new products or systems you may call for supplementary HV power. We can quickly and safely install a cost effective solution in days to see you through. From commissioning the largest screw compressor in the world, to bringing a new energy from waste power plant to life – we have the know-how to get the job done.

Why choose Aggreko for high voltage power supply?

  • Backup power installed quickly.
  • Safe testing of critical equipment.
  • Specially trained high-voltage technicians.
  • 24/7 monitoring and emergency response.

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